How is Halal Meat prepared

Halal seasoned meatHalal Slaughter and How is Halal Meat prepared.

The conditions required for Halal slaughter of animals and birds are:
  • The abattoirs or factory must be under the close and constant supervision of a religious organisation, namely AFIC.
  • The premises, machinery and equipment must be classed according to Islamic Shariah (law) before any production takes place.
  • The slaughterman must be a mature, pious Muslim of sound mind who understands fully the fundamentals and conditions relating to Halal slaughter and be approved by the religious authorities.
  • Only acceptable live animals and birds can be slaughtered.
  • The slaughter must be done manually using a steel knife.
  • Facilities must be available for rinsing the knife after each kill.
  • The slaughterman must sever the respiratory tract, oesophagus and the jugular vein.
  • The animal must be completely dead before skinning can take place.